My husband and I just had our first little baby! Life chez les Ditto's has never been more exciting and life-giving!

My photography focuses on organic storylines of your love. I'm drawn to real moments, and love seeing each wedding in a unique light. I adore clean colors, editorialized imagery, and all the juicy details. Give me those collar bones! 

Having lived in France multiple times in my life, I've honed in on my eye for beauty and effortlessness. I aspire for elegance, while embracing the real. 

Bonjour, I'm Alexa

An experience crafter
& true enfp to the core



sparkling drinks

real moments


gorgeous florals

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary every year with a themed Ditto Gala. I always see it as my chance to watch the current wedding trends and forecasts for the upcoming year, and launch our own festive occasion with all the aesthetics to the nines. Call it a curse of being a wedding photographer?

Just give me a reason to dress in anything silky

Living for glitzy parties


In love with

window light 

flour on cookbooks

rose everything

fresh herbs

warm tea

dinner parties

menstruation podcasts

reading in the bath


receiving packages

John Mayer

white linen

There is beauty in you, and it's something I intend to discover. The human is not there to fit a shell but to explode that shell in radiance and elegance.

These small moments of beauty and goodness are my job to capture, yours to love.

May we look at ourselves with a little more kindness and believe that it's not us that needs the world's approval, but us that deserves our own loving approval.

There is beauty in being unique

Our Manifesto